Wendy Giuffre| Uncomplicated People Management, and Trusted HR Advice at Wendy Ellen Inc.

Wendy Giuffre, President and Principal Consultant of Wendy Ellen Inc.

and co-author of The Only HR Best Practice You’ll Ever Need, believes deeply in bringing back the human in Human Resources. 

Wendy sees potential for an exciting HR future if companies take forward their 2020 learnings around flexibility, autonomy, self-motivation, and enhanced communication skills.  Business has the opportunity to build significant value.


Wendy Giuffre and her team are a valuable part of their small to midsized business clients’ teams.  Their practical whole service model, and recently added subscription model for start-ups and small business, offer professional care of clients’ most valuable resources, remove complexity in optimizing their people management, and deliver a trusted advisor in challenging circumstances.

Wendy suggests that, having embarked during the COVID-19 pandemic on a new version of “the work day”, there is excitement from an HR perspective in the opportunity ahead.  Flexibility, autonomy, enhanced self-motivation, a hybrid workforce ….. we discuss these and a lot more.

Tune in to hear about

  • Post pandemic concerns, gratitude and opportunities for exceptional organizations.
  • The overarching importance of people as individuals and collectively: employees and management, network contacts, teams, change agents, and for healthy relationships.
  • Physical and mental considerations in work location, accommodations, a hybrid model of work-location, and changing boundaries.
  • The value derived from soliciting the right assistance and resources in order to enhance business growth.
  • And more.

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