Strategic Time to Think

Have you stepped on a lion’s tail in the African bush?

My family was on walking safari in South Africa.  Enjoying the fantastic experience of walking as a group, single file, silently, through an African early morning. Innumerable dangers around but an experience that is hard to match.  Peaceful, cool, magnificent.

Suddenly the lead game ranger, reversed step.  Colliding with the person behind him.  We all started “back peddling” carefully but fast. No tripping.  No questions.  A GOOD distance, VERY fast.

Then, and only then, did we hear the roar.  Immediately ahead.

When our forward steps stopped we had been metres from the tail of a lioness with her two cubs and a kill. 

WOW! Potential catastrophe averted without incident.

Should we have allowed fright to kick in?  Natural instinct make us turn and run?  … human for lunch, delicious!!

Why did we not?

In a crisis THINK and THEN react!

We stepped calmly away from these majestic animals, around the corner.  She left us alone as we were no longer threatening her offspring or the meal.  Experience gained.  People and animals safe.

The same applies in your business. 

When a situation arises: a business decision is required, a strategy is mused, a people situation present, or a crisis has arisen.  

An instant reaction is seldom the best decision.

Perhaps walk away.  Your rational brain will give you direction when you return.  Do you need to “sleep on it” and respond the next day?  Or later?  Remove emotion or frustration, address the situation rather than the person? 

If it is a crisis you still can “take a breath” and then jump to the rescue or issue an instruction.

Next time you meet a challenge think of the lioness.  Think.  React.  Transcend.

If you are working on your business reach out. We would love to hear your plans and see if we can help.

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