Business Infinity. Cash Flow Strong.

Think you can? Know you Can!

“I—think—I—can, I—think—I—can.”

Like the Little Engine said. Often pulling your business for ongoing growth and success is hard. But You-Can-Do-It! You will do it … If you want to.
When the going gets tough only the best get going because they do it right, they find a way, or they find people to help.

Destroy Those Statistics of Failure!

Statistics show a high likelihood a start-up, or scale up and emerging, company will fail. Give up? Fizzle out? Why should they?
Now is an excellent time to change the statistics! After the pandemic our economies need growing activity. Many new entrepreneurial endeavors have started, interesting ideas abound. How do we assure greater success? Where is the engine to pull them over the hill?

Success is Possible? Deliver the future!

“To Infinity… and Beyond!”

Fantastic entrepreneurial ideas start companies. Minor errors, not known at the time, start their misfortune.
Catastrophe, frustration, pain, and “failure to thrive” are avoidable. We need more businesses, if possible most businesses, to survive and truly thrive.
With team effort we can definitely do it. The right team will deliver the impossible in most situations!

People are the golden ticket

Radical individualism is the entrepreneurial way. But it is also the reason for many failures.
Like the golden ticket that is the manifest difference between poverty and wealth, in business it is people who deliver success …. and people who also allow failure, or encourage more struggle than required?

It is lonely at the top of an entrepreneurial company. But people are social and those with clan support always outperform. Find a clan where you can discuss entrepreneurial strategy and success. Consider a round-table, a coach, co-founders, a group of employees and consultants pulling together?

Proved and done

The situations with the best results
* have executives that manage the ego,
* consider input, and
* pivot well (even when that is hard, stressful, or risky).

They also
* involve the best person to get past obstacles not yet identified
* find and involve an area specialist, or expert.

It costs less than you think
* ask someone for help when not sure
* value another opinion
* delegate to the team to get the task done (with or without report back) even if it is done a different way.

Encourage the Right surprises

The right people will always surprise you. Those that want to will pull your business to success you never imagined. Don’t allow failure to be an option.
You need a guide, or Sherpa, for your financial success. Is that someone to find you a loan or investment at a critical time? Is that someone to project where the business path is taking you? Is it someone to alert you to risks and steer the business past? Someone to help strategize the market, the marketing, the sales of your products. Without cash, sales and a market there is no business!

Factors that cause the going to get tough are many and varied. If the company did not realize it had a problem until too late it will sometimes not recover. Many companies appoint an experienced financial guide too late.

Get all entrepreneurial companies empowered with golden tickets! Time to chime: I—thought—I—could, I—thought—I—could as they crest their hills gathering energy for the next.

Reach out to discuss your path to business infinity. What is your strategy for cash flow strength?

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