Activate Growth. You and Your Business Deserve it!

When does the most profound PERSONAL GROWTH happen?  In business and personally?

Reading a book? Learning from someone else’s errors? While meditating? During formal education?
It happens through personal experience and especially when challenged. In the throes of frustration.  When overwhelmed.  Afraid.  Confused.   Angry or embarrassed.

It happens when you are doing the same thing and suddenly realise you have a choice.

If you’ve read this far, you probably are serious about activating positive CHANGE in your BUSINESS and LIFE. Struggling with no success, not attracting your ideal clientele, running out of cash, not making money can be demoralising!
You cannot do the same things and expect a different results.  Maybe it is time to


Look at the PROGRESS you have made! Are you reviewing your accomplishments in the right direction?

The most significant growth happens when you measure progress from the start AND drive to the goal. 

Do not obsess over the gap to the end.  Look at your progress and then, with renewed enthusiasm, work on your GOALS again.

The horizon (goal) will always be out in front.  And, if you are ambitious or entrepreneurial, feel consistently “far away”.  Have you actually made significant progress?  Do you need to be proud of your accomplishments?

Is it time to take new action?  To ACTIVATE CHANGE?

Can a new business advisor, a coach, a partner, a valuable team member help with new ideas, perspective and questions?  Can they support and encourage you to soldier through the challenge? To GROW and come out the other side.

As Ronald Reagan said: “There are no great limits to growth because there are no limits of human intelligence, imagination and wonder.”

Use yours well.  Ask for the help or support you need.  GROW, THRIVE and ENDURE.

Reach out if you would like to activate your own growth. What can we accomplish together? How can we support you?

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