A Different Approach to Business Success

Are You Waiting for Change? Or Are You Creating It?

The past few years have had fascinating weather in different parts of the world. “Uncharacteristic”. Really variable.
Significant variation even within small geographic areas. Is this the impact of environmental damage or something else? (A topic for another day.)

When experiencing change such as this there are two approaches – do something, or wait it out.

What is your preferred approach? And what do you do in your business?

Let’s be honest, when you are caught in the “flood from above”, a blizzard, a fire you seldom apply forward strategy. You are thinking NOW, and what to do.

In your business are you

  • Victim to the vagaries of the weather? Or some other “external” impact?
  • Flowing well? Or are you sitting under a black cloud of despair?  Can’t find a silver lining?
  • Hit too hard by inflation, interest rate hikes, suppliers sold to new owners, the economy?
  • Can’t find team members? Have to let people go?
  • Sales too “erratic”? Risks multiplying? Cash running out?

It is time for a different approach!  Do something different and the result should be different …

Switch things up. Try something completely new.  It may feel crazy but could create the new perspective you need.

  • Sit on the other side of your desk for a day.  Switch the order of your routine. A new “outlook” often triggers new thinking; as silly as it may sound.
  • Pick up the phone and discuss your challenge with someone different. Tell them if you want them just to listen, or to offer suggestions. Hearing your problem summarized or spoken can bring new perspective for you
  • Send a direct message to someone; ask for a suggestion related to your challenge.  Consider any suggestions seriously (The specific suggestion may not be “it” but it may give you the new thought you need.)
  • Contact someone you have never spoken with, but think they may help. – A potential network connection, a person with a related post on social media or a website, a friendly advisor or consultant. Ask for their thoughts; you will be surprised how often people will assist!

Instead of doing more of the same try something completely different.

Your effort and change of ideas will help you to persevere, to move forward, to move beyond this challenge.  The sun is waiting to emerge.
If your sun is too hot, you may find exactly the “cool breeze” you need to handle the heat while you work on your next success.

Do something different if you want a different result.

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