Solving Manage by Catastrophic Pain

Does anyone elect to impose blinding pain on themselves?

In business .. yes!

Are you a business person that manages exclusively by pain?

A large number of entrepreneurs and business owners do not prevent problems. They only react when problems indicate catastrophe.
* Delay having difficult conversations with problem employees.
* Delay putting systems and plans in place until the wheels are about to come off.
* Carry problem customers, even expedite delivery or apply deposits early, until the situation is desperate.
* Deal with receivables only when out of cash, or they can’t make payroll “again”.
* Get operations & financial information speaking a common language when something serious happens.

It is contra to what they thought!!

Then a minor irritant becomes life-threatening. Everyone scrambles.

The business may fail.

The situation must be fixed NOW, or preferably “yesterday”!!

When business problems become this painful is exactly when most SMBs look for help.
Or a “miracle cure” to fix the problem.
Expect it to be instant – 5, 10 or more years of missteps erased and cured immediately.

Spoiler alert – there are no instant cures!

Looking for a fix while something is annoying, or inconvenient.
Like finding the cause of minor aches, occasional clumsiness or a close call, will make the remedy or antidote less painful.
Work faster.
Prevent catastrophe.

Is it time for your business to stop running, just briefly? Consider how to avoid extreme pain that inevitably will catch up?

Try this right now:
Make a list of your top 5 or 10 “very annoying, timewasting, or frustrating” business problems.
Things you wish could just magically go away. Be simpler or be right.

Put a star against the 3 or 5 that:
⭐ You find especially irritating or distracting; or
⭐ You are paying for – a salary, an overhead, an additional supplier payment – extra expedite fees, rework, late fees. Customer complaints settled with a discount or refund well after the sale occurred; or
⭐ Cost you time and margin – errors that take time to fix (so the team cannot work on new business), client disorganization (creates rework and stresses deadlines), sales at less than cost.

These are your looming disasters. They must be eliminated. They’re unlikely to go away on their own.

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