Serese Selanders| No Regrets as ORA and SolusGuard Fill the Growing Market Need for Discrete Personal Safety and Employee Security

Women should be bold and brave – when you identify a need, fully solve the problem.  Do not be intimidated by not personally having the knowhow!

Entrepreneurship is not always easy or a straight line but can be rewarding when it solves a market need.  With clear vision and leadership, that supported her inclination to inquisitiveness and collaboration, Serese Selanders invented a discrete safety device for older adults.  Then she discovered her target market would be only the beginning.  Through market pull the attractive and functional devices have moved to also fill the growing need for workforce safety and security of the vulnerable sector, and the growth has only just commenced.


Persuading her MBA class to work on solving a need she had identified set Serese Selanders on a highly successful entrepreneurial journey.  Despite not personally having the technical qualifications necessary for the task Serese developed a technology solution with significant market demand that is successfully growing two companies, simultaneously. 

Serese had searched for a discrete personal panic button or safety device that could be used by the older adult demographic, and determined one was not available, so she invented one.  Little did she know at the time how versatile her solution was or that it would be drawn to fill a need for workforce protection and monitoring, lone worker safety, personal protection in vulnerable groups, and the original senior adult market.

Serese believes that a founder’s grit and determination to solve their identified product or service need despite challenges is what makes them successful.  A company’s culture will always win in the effort to attract and retain the best employees with a diverse mix of skillsets, cultural heritage, work habits, etc. 

Tune in to hear about

  • The amazing functional, yet attractive and discrete, hardware and software solution that keep users safe and connected to their employers and loved ones.
  • Encouragement for women to be bold and lead in entrepreneurship, even in industries not normally considered “female”, and in the absence of personal expertise to develop the solution.
  • What is a risk that is also an opportunity for Serese’s technology and companies.
  • How little funding has been required and why now is an excellent time to open a round for growth of ORA and SolusGuard.
  • And more.

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