Nature vs. Nurture: The Essence of Thriving in Business?

We often hear the debate over how much of what we become in life is the way we are “made” and yet how much is what we are “made into”.
I.e. what is inherent characteristics (wiring) and what is influence and external (experience, social influences, environment).

My children are perfect examples.
They could not be more different and yet have the same parents and grew up in the same home.
Left- and right-handed. Patient, people person, observant vs. driven, purposeful, energetic. Engineer vs outdoor leader.

Is it Nature or Nurture in business?

If two businesses were to operate with the same target market and with the same resources would they have the same fortune?  Why?

Company characteristics

A company is living and has personality traits (nature):

  • values,
  • culture or behaviors, drive, norms,
  • vision or goals,
  • even morals like ethics, integrity, etc.

People influence

What role does the difference in the people within the business play to explain the differences in the success of the business? They may welcome more or less risk, be more innovative, resilient, extremely driven, intuitive.
What role does nurture of the people (education, training, mentorship or guidance, social support, work ethic, etc.) play?

There is the debate over whether success as an entrepreneur and in business is primarily determined by inherent traits and characteristics (“nature”) or by external influences, experiences, and education (“nurture”). So those probably do impact their company.

Nurture the business in a preferred direction

The business itself is also nurtured – market dynamics, relationships, competition, employee skills and development. Is luck a factor in the success?
I have proved it is possible to actively nurture every company to do really well. They can increase levels of profitability and achievements, even reverse their fortunes, grow or transform. They must be open to listening, learning, trying a new approach to benefit in a significant way.

In Summary

In reality, the success of a company comes from a complex combination of its inherent characteristics and the external factors it encounters. Successful companies often leverage their unique attributes, such as core values and innovation, while also actively nurturing relationships, adapting to market changes, and fostering a positive work environment.

Ultimately, the nature vs. nurture debate for a company highlights the importance of recognizing both its internal strengths and the external dynamics it operates within, as well as its willingness to listen, learn or change. A company’s ability to balance and harness these influences can contribute to its long-term success and sustainability.

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