Murray Malley| Radical Streamlining of Payroll, Benefits, People Management, and Records through SaaS at HR-and Inc. MediDirect

HR-and Inc. MediDirect has developed a single system-as-a-service solution that seamlessly handles a complex web

of employee records, payroll preparation, time accounting and legal compliance.  With no integration of separate modules and affording the individual employee direct control over their own pay structure and self-service records, the secure system ensures full confidentiality, legal and audit compliance, and streamlines scheduling and attendance tracking.


Murray Malley, during a career in which he turned companies around to profitability identified a significant need for a streamlined efficient people system.  So he did something about it! 

HR-and Inc. MediDirect developed a single system that entirely avoids duplication of records, data entry or master files.  Data input at source (often by the employee) is captured once for:

  • records required by the human resources team,
  • running the payroll,
  • detailed accounting, including time input to project costing and customer invoicing,
  • direct reporting for insurances, and
  • managing staff schedules and attendance (with timesheets if required).

All accomplished while encouraging significant individual customization of each employee’s pay between taxable and non-taxable benefits.  

The system ensures 100% compliance with regulations and has on-demand custom reporting as may be required by auditors or management.

Tune in to hear about

  • How easy it is for employees to personally structure their own remuneration for taxable and non-taxable benefits without creating any employer administration.
  • The single six-letter word to unlock business growth.
  • The significant advantage derived from “supporting local”.
  • The surprising area where 50% of audit challenges lie for companies and the auditors.
  • And more.

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