Mickie Kennedy | Creativity and Passion Drives Client Success at eReleases

How do entrepreneurs, small companies, authors, speakers, professionals, even start-ups get the word out about themselves and their activities?

Distribute effective press releases to a large group of publications and journalists of course!  But that is iniquitously expensive and hard to get any attention … not when handled by eReleases founded by Mickie Kennedy.
Energized by the challenge to get media attention for every customer, including those who don’t believe they are newsworthy, Mickie serves the niche so well he even has Dragons’ Den clients. 


Was it a “baptism of fire” as a new graduate, or a fortuitous start to a career that Mickie Kennedy took advantage of?  Early in his career Mickie identified the need for smaller organizations and individuals to be able to access the media, but at an affordable price.  Journalists, in turn, want news flow in a useful and timely format, and eReleases fills that gap.  Press releases for smaller organizations at an affordable price. 

eReleases is the perfect fit for those in the niche from start-up to several million dollars in revenue.   Using a couple of efficiency tools and a lot of personalized customer service this small team helps to get the word out, coaches clients on how to attract effective press, and even writes the press releases if clients prefer.  Mickie encourages even the most “un-newsworthy” to attract attention, boost their credibility, and leverage it into valuable social media, client brag books, and website content.  Prospects that find a supplier through a press release are ready to buy, and usually don’t price shop.  The return for clients always beats paid advertising.

Mickie’s artistic talent and interest in technology gave him the ability to innovate and scale.  His willingness to persevere and try developed his analytical ability that is very helpful in this industry.  What lies in the future of press releases and news distribution? Mickie predicts this from ample experience – listen for some fascinating and really fun comments. 

Tune in to hear about:

  • Is it more important to write press releases well or to be strategic in the message?.
  • Do prospects that find business through a press release have higher value than those that find you through many other routes – yes!  Listen for why.
  • The highly effective tool that has got media attention for 100% of eReleases’ clients that have used it.
  • And more.

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