Max Porterfield | Timely Discovery, Calm Decisions, and Exceptional Location Deliver Returns

The team discovered a rainbow! 

A rainbow VMS deposit that is.  Copper, gold, silver and zinc at the Callinex Mines Flin Flon district property with the potential to become a continuation option for the mine scheduled to close in late 2022.  At a time when the demand for base metals is increasing with the move to green energy and large infrastructure projects, and as the supply in known mines declines, this discovery is exceptional.  The team at Callinex is accomplished, and aside from the Manitoba property has exploration projects ongoing in New Brunswick and Newfoundland that also hold significant promise.
Are new base mineral mines likely to be developed in time?  Are investors primed to benefit as the stock market rebounds with increasing commodity prices?


Max Porterfield started his career with an opportunity to work in global resource company investment, and then gold and uranium, before taking over Callinex Mines.  A unique opportunity to explore for minerals in Canada, in areas well served by infrastructure, with no geopolitical risk, and potential to benefit remote communities. 

Because government policies are requiring a shift away from hydrocarbons and there are very large infrastructure projects ongoing or planned in the world, the demand for base metals is forecast to increase exponentially.  However, minimal investment in new exploration over the past decade means the current mines are becoming end of life and new discovery is urgently required.

Callinex Mines is exploring, with a well-respected technical team and a modern exploration approach, at properties in Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Manitoba.  It is however the Manitoba, Flin Flon, property that exposed a rare base metal volcanogenic massive sulfide (VMS) rainbow deposit in 2021 that will receive most attention through 2022.  The development may be urgent as it is in close proximity to an established mine that is due for closure in May 2022.  This will eliminate jobs for this remote community, and trigger large reclamation liabilities.

Max counsels that the best business decisions are made with a calm mind; there is significant value in meditation or in the potential that the research in psilocybin will deliver.  Maturity has taught him to make decisions with a calm mind and patience rather than in a panic or driven by fear, and to let the world come to him rather than chasing it.  Exploration is not for the faint of heart!

Tune in to hear about

  • Valuable lessons that can be learned from Steve Jobs, Mark Benioff, and Robert Friedland.
  • How to know when the return on mining or exploration shares will start improving.
  • How timely and important the Callinex exploration and discovery is.
  • The benefit mining brings in long-term lasting job creation in remote communities, and strong focus on best practice social and environmental standards.
  • And more.

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