Kristina Shea | Finding and Enjoying a Life in Full Spectrum at BlueSkys Life

Face-to-floor in the financial district through drive, creativity, and the hamster wheel that steals health and quality of life. 

This was what it took for Kristina Shea to focus on elevating women’s holistic natural health and wellness – founding BlueSkys LifeTM.  Having been widowed twice, driven to succeed and re-establish what she lost, and witnessing how judgement and discrimination can rob life for all self-identified women, Kristina became a master at reinventing oneself.  Now she is focused on helping others through a range of wellness and natural products and services, natural beauty products, and her content platform. This transformational journey is for Kristina and her customers.


Kristina Shea had her life changed, or even turned upside down, a few times through events in her work and personal life.  Then, collapsing in the Toronto financial district was the wake-up call she needed. Kristina worked to address serious health conditions, and her own holistic wellness.  She found natural replacements for chemicals and drugs.  She studied CBD and continues to engage with groups to bring positive change for women, breaking down barriers and stigmas.  The culmination of much of this was Kristina’s launching BlueSkys LifeTM to focus on women’s natural health and wellness.

Non-toxic thinking, natural and sustainable products, and a new line of CBD and natural ingredient skincare products combine to elevate women and their wellness.  The goal is to help women step into their skin with confidence, literally and figuratively, and to improve mental and physical wellness.

Kristina has also launched a content platform, Making HerStoryTM, with the goal of helping women share their stories and amplify their voices.  Wishing to promote embracing people of all ages, genders, races, sizes, or even passions to work together rather than compete.  Turn women from victim to victor. 

Kristina sees a future filled with positive change: society welcoming a return to ancient medicine and plant-power, clean beauty, the digital creator economy, innovation in payment solutions, longevity and a skincare focus. She encourages women to surround themselves with those who inspire them and not allow people to poison their thinking.  Women hold tremendous value for society.

Tune in to hear about

  • How does the endocrine system feature in the mix of replacing “traditional” skincare products with healthier alternatives?
  • Do CBD products produce a “high”?  What does CBD oil do to the skin?
  • Why is BlueSkys Life spelt with a “y” (not –ies)?
  • Why Kristina is not a member of, but has a close personal connection to the challenges experienced by people in the LGBTQ community.
  • And more.

Mentioned in this episode

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Clubhouse – MakingHerStory 

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