Julie Broad | Capture Your Voice … The Missing Piece is Always Action, and Knowing How

Julie Broad, entrepreneur and overall number one best-selling author tells incredible stories. 

Living her belief that it makes no sense to keep making the same mistakes, and that book ideas will never have an impact if they stay in the author’s head, she founded Book Launchers and BookLaunchers.TV to help non-fiction authors write and market sought after books.


Julie Broad harnessed her entrepreneurial fabric to succeed in real estate investing even when circumstances were not idea, and then told the stories in a self-published overall #1 bestseller. 

That experience now makes the road smoother for other self-published non-fiction authors.  Two wins.  The authors keep 100% of their book sale proceeds.  And the upfront marketing plan ensures the book is more successful from the start – sells more copies, included in more libraries, nominated for and wins more book awards, and appears on more podcasts and live events.

Julie reminds all aspiring authors that writing a book does not have to be intimidating, but the book must be written for the reader, not the author.  Write for the audience, include what they need, and do include stories, case studies, anecdotes that make the book engaging,

Also remember that patience pays in everything – when the book is published it is like a baby and needs to be nurtured and allowed time to grow.  Knowing, upfront, what you want to achieve with the book is more likely to ensure it is successful.

Tune in to hear about:

  • How to allow magic to produce the title and cover of your book.
  • The marketing plan required for book success.
  • The way large publishing houses bait and switch authors.
  • How artificial intelligence will help authors.
  • And more.

Mentioned in this episode:

Book Launchers website – https://booklaunchers.com/
7 Steps guide to planning and writing your own book – https://booklaunchers.com/7steps/

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