Brent Lane and Brett Jones | Powerful Automotive Marketplace Functionality in an Approachable Purchaser Platform at HeyAuto

How do you solve the chicken before the egg challenge in designing a technology solution

that is familiar and approachable for purchasers, but incorporates powerful functionality and options to promote competitiveness of vehicle dealers?
HeyAuto employed business logic to solve the use case of the customer first, with technology to back it up.
The energy and enthusiasm of Brett Lane and Brent Jones, when speaking about their automotive marketplace, is fully justified by the noteworthy accomplishment and value that is this product; and there is more to come.
They commend the incredible ability their team has, what they have accomplished thus far, and yet are excited to release amazing capabilities, tools and features being added in the short term. 
This team truly believes that the technology space holds significant potential for both entrepreneurs and those interested in following a career in software development.  The secret is to guard against fear triggered by the perceived complexity of the options as they evolve, and to surround yourself with an amazing team of talented believers who take advantage of the resources being made available.


Friends and business associates Brent and Brett came together to solve legacy challenges of the automotive industry.  The launch of their technology platform could not have been more timely.  Canada headed into the pandemic lockdowns, and both dealers and customers required a new way to do business. 

The HeyAuto platform is a super approachable technology solution that facilitates a superior experience for both dealers and customers.   The marketplace aggregates dealer inventory across Canada, sends purchasers to the dealer’s own site for information gathering, provides an opportunity for purchasers to reduce greenhouse gases, and even incorporates functionality for individuals to confidentially solicit dealer bids when selling their personal vehicle.  What power! 

From the user’s perspective the experience is very familiar.  Able to create their own avatar, save searches and favourite vehicles, keep history and even message dealers directly from the convenience of the Hey Auto platform. A very immersive experience with strict safeguarding on privacy and confidentiality; personal details are only disclosed when the individual elects to move forward with a transaction or communication.

Hey Auto develops and trains the tech talent needed for their web based technologies and disciplines; few students have these skills when they graduate.  Brent and Brett have taken a very strategic approach to acquire well over 2,000 dealer participants.  By identify the most important needs of the customer to solve first the talented team avoids being distracted by edge cases, and they feasibility test all concepts before build.   

Hey Auto boasts already having received excellent strategic partnership and funding support because Alberta is a progressive province actively embracing tech investment, and their aggressive expansion continues with a new raise currently underway.

The automotive industry is moving fast as original equipment manufacturers push to go direct to the customer, and the digital retail experience allows customers to purchase and take delivery from the comfort of home.  The Hey Auto platform helps dealers to stay competitive and to meet the nuanced market demand in new ways.

Tune in to hear about:

  • Zero emission and Keys-for-Trees options when purchasing vehicles through the Hey Auto platform.
  • The current Hey Auto funding and strategic partnership round and how to get involved.
  • The unexpected impact the Covid-19 pandemic had on vehicle demand, why, and how it continues to impact Hey Auto.
  • The potential offered by a multi-pronged approach where well-established enterprises and the web based technology space work together.
  • And more.

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