Riding the Crest of the Wave? Or …

Wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ and prayin’
Plannin’ and dreamin’ each night    ….

Nothing in life is certain and nothing is known before it happens.  Unfortunately perhaps!

We can plan, or expect, a specific situation but the reality usually is different, even if only slightly.  After all that is exactly what keeps life interesting.  It keeps us trying, and on the move. 

We like different … some seek completely new and novel more than others.  For some a base level of expected is calming while for others it is energizing to be doing something new, potentially surprise, constantly.

What is calming for one is stressful for someone else.

But, through it all we have a sense of

  • what we have completed,
  • how things are going,
  • what we want to do next, and especially
  • how far we have to go to the successful end. 

We know what we are doing, what the chore is, what the aim is in playing the game.

Does the same hold true in business?

Some leaders and entrepreneurs “run fast” and “break things” – they enjoy the energy of change.  Others may enjoy more stability and converting ideas into consistent performance, new products, systems, processes, etc.

If we are comfortable with change, movement, assessing progress and destination in our personal lives …. why are several companies and management teams uncomfortable with how their business is doing?

Why the four short words … 13 letters? 

Why are they asking “How are we doing?” and the follow on “What can that tell us about the future; the goal?”

They do know their statistics

  • prospects seen, customers signed,
  • lines of code written, products manufactured,
  • funds closed,
  • .. and more.

Still they grapple with how their company is really doing? How the parts work together. What they need to do more of.  What they need to change. 

Many are riding the crest of the success wave but still have feelings of uncertainty. 

Perhaps wishing, hoping and praying there are no hidden rocks to break the momentum?  Should they have a way to know when those appear?

How do you answer this question for your company? Do you have ways to stay on track to those plans and dreams?  Do you know how far you have to go to that accomplishment “end”?

Do you have, or need, more certainty?

If you are interested in exploring ways to keep your wave rolling with wishes, hopes and prayers replaced by plans and knowledge, perhaps reach out here

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