Chris Kenney | Clients’ Reasons for Buying are Inside of Them Not inside of You! Convert No to Heck Yes!

Don’t solve your problems with the same thinking that created them!

Chris Kenney has become well-known through his appearances on global stages to empower entrepreneurs with tools, strategies and resources that produce disproportionate results. 

By keeping control of what makes meaning for you and emerging from being an undercover superstar, it is possible for all service-based business to achieve extraordinary success.  Chris suggests they can all get ordinary people, who probably are in their experience circle already, to do extraordinary things. The outcome is high ticket sales i.e. selling for significantly more than they believe they can.

Tune in for the exact formula on how to grow valuable business rapidly and easily.


Chris Kenney was an excellent contributor in a sales organization, but burnt out by how they managed producers, so he became even better …. for himself!  He presented a low-priced class to a group of twelve people and transformed it to be multiple six figures. 

Today, having identified and overcome his own “money-rules” Chris is paying it forward by teaching entrepreneurs the secret to rapidly accelerating income.  A big believer in “sell it before you create it”, obtaining feedback as he went along allowed Chris to hone his training to exactly what the customers wanted and to develop his own skillset.  This progressively further niched his service offering so today he contributes enormous value for his clients’ business by allowing them to follow a similar pattern with top-notch mentorship, real people, and giving value with discipline.

Chris also counsels that your success will be determined by your approach – you can control your response to situations.  The pandemic proved to be a valuable opportunity to consider reinventing his business and further show undercover superstar entrepreneurs how to master high-ticket sales, rapidly accelerate income and live lives of uncommon freedom and choice.

Tune in to hear about:

  • How anyone can convert $47 into $263,000 inside of a year.
  • What the secret to success is when naming your first sales.
  • What are money rules, what do they impact, and how are they created and destroyed.
  • Where to find prospects, and where the sales niche will appear rather than be created.
  • And more.

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