Brandi Garden | Fungi Replace Pharma for Health Benefits, Mental Agility and Immunity at Eversio Wellness

The humble, versatile, stackable functional mushroom is healing brains, modulating immune systems and contributing anti-oxidant functionality to a growing number of believers.

Through functional mushrooms, and in the future making psilocybin producing product available to that industry, Eversio Wellness is both developing and educating an industry.  The rigorous screening and dual extraction that Eversio performs ensure their products are superior and release the adaptogenic compounds that are the super-power of each individual genus of mushroom.  If Brandi Garden could cure auto-immune psoriatic arthritis, and their clients report significant advantage from extracts, what is the future potential for both functional and psilocybin mushrooms?


Curiosity triggered passion for Brandi and Craig Garden, founders of Eversio Wellness.  Inside of eighteen months they discovered the health and wellness benefits, and enhanced the product quality, of functional mushroom supplements.  Now the journey continues in a licensed facility with research in quality and efficacy for the psilocybin mushroom industry.  Consumer enthusiasm is growing.  Significant evidence is available that mushroom products of an extremely high quality deliver advanced health and wellness through making available all of their immune-modulating, anti-oxidant and secondary metabolite compounds.   Brandi’s personal experience of radical health improvement, the Garden’s family wellness experience, and client’s testimonials that supports and amplify the laboratory results, expand the evidence daily.

In producing premium, dual-extracted, functional mushroom extracts in Canada which clients use in capsule or powder form, and conducting research to produce high quality psilocybin mushrooms under laboratory conditions, this young company has an exceptional business model.  Through the tears and rainbows of entrepreneurship as a humanity-plus company Eversio successfully launched, pivoted, and took timely advantage of the challenges that the pandemic dealt.  They structured an advantage.  Their functional product division ensured a pathway to revenue and sustainability while building research capability, while they awaited grant of their psilocybin research license.  Now they can also apply their skill and capability in their second functional division.

Tune in to hear about:

  • The difference between premium quality mushroom products and others – to mycelium or not.
  • What mushrooms eat, where they grow best, and why those grown outdoors are exceptional.
  • How cultivation of psilocybin producing mushrooms has to be different and how Eversio Wellness is contributing to the pharmaceutical aspect of the industry.
  • The array of developments to come from the mushroom industry – watch for significant research in products, food, and health.
  • And more.

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