Ben Jones| New Surface Technologies, Long Term Solutions, and Even Year-Round Dial-a-Pothole-Repair at Warhorse Materials

Ben Jones and David Janeway, identified a need for fit-for-purpose floor surfaces with a full warranty that supports the customers, designers

and architects on both the materials and application for which they were chosen.  Warhorse Materials has grown their success by designing sustainable surfaces, partnering with and educating designers and architects, and pivoting to the market requirements on floors created for the exact dynamics and finish the client requires.  Now Warhorse Materials has amplified their service further with licensed Pot-Lock Pothole repair – a permanent solution for asphalt pothole repair that can be applied in any season.   The end customer orders online according to the pothole measurements and a licensee contractor performs the work around their other service offerings. 


What do high end architectural floors, antimicrobial sport floors, indestructible industrial surfaces, and pothole repairs that are not season restricted have in common?  They are among the spectrum of surfaces researched, supplied and fully warranted by Warhorse Materials.

Whether 80,000 or 350 square feet, and a seamless architectural resin floor, high wear industrial floor, exterior surface, or simple sealer, Warhorse Materials and CEO Ben Jones work with multiple formulators to create proprietary flooring systems that perfectly fit the requirements, and are sustainable.  They support the architects and designers with a guarantee against deterioration of any kind when used for the specified purpose.

Aside from the fully customized flooring systems they also launched a pothole repair service that allows end-user customers to request a repair that is performed by a licensed operator within 48 hours of the request, in any season at any location.  The pothole dimensions determine the quantity of material and the cost which is then paid directly on the service website. No longer do property owners have to wait for “pothole season”.

Entrepreneurship can be frightening suggests Ben Jones.  There are many challenges to overcome and areas where you may not be comfortable, but believe in yourself, and do what it takes to make your own success.  It can be done and is rewarding.

Tune in to hear about:

  • Why a switch of shareholders was required for Warhorse Materials to be in a position to raise working capital.  Optimize for circumstances.
  • How flexibility and focusing on building credibility and reputation amplify success.
  • Why Ben suggests you are only as good as what you know, and why it is essential to seek understanding and streamline for efficiency and return, especially in areas that are not your strength.
  • A recommended approach to ensuring the business always meets regulatory liabilities.
  • And more.

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