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Entrepreneurs and consultants have a really hard time delegating tasks in their business

For a solopreneur the first delegation is hard; sometimes the second one even harder because it requires structure, process and communication.
But what if the assistance creates focus right in the zone of genius?  Anne Hill has a unique process to make it comfortable and efficient.  To propel her clients’ business forward as they free up time.
Among the secrets to a successful business are knowing the product has a market, not fearing failure but taking action fast, and moving forward even when uncomfortable.  Build the team on a shared vision that is clearly understood, and use excellent communication and processes to compliment the entrepreneur.
Consistency is the most challenging but most rewarding side of being successful in business.

Listen in for the exact formula.


Anne Hill’s lifelong desire to help other people is driving growth and success for her clients.

With placement of superior, right-fit talent, implementation of exceptional procedures and systems, and targeted assistance on strengthening the back-office and strategy, Hilltop Virtual Solutions enables genius.   Clients focus in their zone of genius and delegate non-core tasks for even better completion and propel the business forward.

Anne Hill notes that it is essential to ensure additions to the team are an excellent fit, and that systems and procedures are in place to ensure success for all – team members and the entrepreneur. These make it easier for the entrepreneur to be comfortable delegating non-core tasks to identify and focus in their zone of genius.  Onboarding a new team member is as important as onboarding a new client; bring them on with goals for 30, 60, 90 days.  Structure is helpful. 

Further secrets to business success lie in taking time away from the business to look at it from a distance, and getting an outside perspective eg. by working with a coach or with a consultant on a specific strategy when feeling stuck.  Most business owners do not know what assistance they need and in which areas.  By getting structure in place and finding out what is, and is not, working the business owner can enhance their enjoyment of what they do.

Listen to hear about:

  • How an entrepreneur can get a handle on their zone of genius.
  • Ideas on how to recruit people to fit well in an entrepreneurial business.
  • Secrets to relieving bottlenecked processes that trickle down into other areas, and what not to do in relieving bottle necks.
  • How to delegate with ease.
  • And more.

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