Amanda Hall| Cutting-Edge Nanotechnology Lithium Extraction with Significant Reduction in Emissions and Cost at Summit Nanotech

Summit Nanotech is breaking boundaries

as a human-centric, innovative company creating technology driven change in the energy landscape.  Sending a 40ft “droid” plant to field demonstrate their leading edge lithium extraction technology they deliver to the lithium-ion market from diverse brine feedstock with up to 60% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to traditional brine mining (which is already 50% more efficient than the average across all lithium mining). 


Amanda Hall, as a professional geophysicist and CEO at Summit Nanotech, is a steward of the earth and believes she has a responsibility to contribute as society learns from the mistakes of mankind and endeavours not to repeat them.  Progress and development should be smart and sustainable.

Summit Nanotech is breaking boundaries using unconventional cutting-edge nanotechnologies to offer cost effective green solutions to lithium production.  They supply the direct lithium extraction plant (no client capital expenditure) that delivers product with reduced CO2 emissions, less use of fresh water, keeps the reservoir charged, and can produce lithium from diverse brines.

Amanda has advice for aspiring entrepreneurs – when you are ready … achieve what you are capable of and feel responsible for … take the knowledge and experience you have gained, and have the gumption just to follow your dreams and passion!

Tune in to Hear

  • The explosive need for battery metals in the short and medium term, why producing to meet the demand requires careful strategic positioning, and just how Summit Nanotech is delivering.
  • The primary challenge that has delayed adoption of direct lithium extraction, and how the pace is quickening.
  • Summit Nanotech’s surprise obstacle to locating a pilot plant.
  • How many ways are there actually to mine lithium and why is lithium the mineral to focus on?
  • And more …

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