Lisa Gareau| A Lighthouse for Event Planners Providing Connection Strategy and Making a Difference at Candy Event Consulting

Lisa Gareau has been a connector for most of her life. 

Now as a connection strategy coach she guides her clients to see the big picture in order to achieve their dream event.  The clarity ensures the right event is arranged at the right time for the right price and with the right team.  She sees benefit in society learning to lean into the strengths of each other, breaking down silos, and taking time to listen and learn from each other, as together we can make big things happen.  Among the big things at this time is the gift that events provide in the healing of bringing people back together for a common goal after the extended isolation of the pandemic period.


Lisa Gareau has been a connector for most of her life; more recently as a connection strategy coach rather than running her own events.  She prefers to see the impact of her work on a wider scale as people connect authentically in person.  Lisa finds inspiration in the grace given and received over the last year, the success by which the formerly behind-the-scenes aspects of events became front and centre, and the growth in content, technology and worldwide support. 

She does highlight that mistakes in the virtual format tend to be more apparent but also how event planners have so effectively learned to co-create with their audience, guests and even sponsors or partners.  In this way they have succeeded in getting their message out, connected with the right people, and crafted events that are meaningful and builds relationships in an organic natural way.

Looking forward Lisa sees events playing an important role in the societal healing process as people, who are craving true relationships, will experience a well put together event as a true gift to the attendees.  She is helping her clients to see the gold in themselves and the numerous resources they access to in order to deliver to this need.

Tune in to hear about:

  • The value of flexibility, partnership, and teach ability in achieving successful events.
  • The importance of involving the technology team in the entire event plan, not only their responsibilities.
  • How Candy Events Consulting serves as a lighthouse.
  • How event planners achieve their dream event only through ensuring they have a fully agreed understanding of the strategy.
  • And more.

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