Brandon Carbol | Top of the Line Quality, Performance and Pushing the Envelope on Environmental Enhancements in Construction Coatings at Weatherskin Corporation

Brandon Carbol combined a passion for high performance products with a desire to utilize environmentally sound construction

materials when he founded Weatherskin.  Successfully navigating multiple regulatory agencies for certifications and approvals, and using competitive differentiation, this team’s persistence has allowed it to become an industry leader.  Recently having earned full-score recognition as one of Solar Impulse Foundation’s 1000 clean and profitable solutions to protect the environment without compromising quality, they demonstrate that eco-friendly construction coatings can work as well, or in many cases even better, than more “traditional” products.


Weatherskin sees every need for top of the line, heavily tested, environmentally engineered construction coatings as a wonderful challenge, and opportunity to continue to grow and adapt.   Every project presents a nuanced opportunity to add to the service offering, keep the team driving forward, and continue the success.

Smart business sense, careful consideration of application specifications, return on investment, and training the customer – engineering, architectural, or large general contractor firm – have ensured that project risks have been avoided and premium outcomes achieved.  The Weatherskin team prides themselves on the ability to push the envelope on what water based chemistry can achieve, in substitution for more traditional compounds, in delivering high efficiency, higher sustainability, premium quality, and low volatile organic compounds.

Co-founder Brandon Carbol has led his company to noteworthy success and believes there is a lot more to come.  They continue with new innovative products to unveil (including a recent medical grade, eco-friendly surface wash), attaining premium certifications (including the exclusive Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label), and driving accomplishments for themselves and their customers.

Tune in to hear about:

  • Characteristics of entrepreneurs who succeed … are they illogical?
  • Finding threads to enable continued momentum and the importance of not staying in maintenance mode.
  • The industry future as systems replace discrete products.
  • Emergence of alternative materials with potential to gain market share where shortages and price increases exist.
  • And more.

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